P.E.J Literacy for D&T

I am sharing a literacy worksheet I am using with my pupils to help model good annotation. Annotation seems to be hard for pupils to understand especially when I tried relating good annotation to the P.E.E concept which is used in English. The reason Point Evidence and Explain didn’t work in my D&T lesson was for this reason: pupils would point to the picture or part of the product e.g.; a feature and the pointing is the evidence as well, so this left little room for explaining the point of the feature or justifying it’s existence. What I thought was more appropriate was Point to a feature, Explain it and then justify it. Pupils seemed to grasp this more and in it’s own way it is a form of differentiation as very few pupils can successfully justify coherently at KS3.

Hope you enjoy using it and report any feedback.

Click here for the worksheet: p-e-j

As always share, share and share.



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