SOW for the New Term

As I am kind and thoughtful I thought I would share a detailed SOW with you, take some of that workload off.

Earphone Tidies SOW inspired by @jamesbleach: Y7_EarphoneTidy

The earphones tidies project works exceedingly well allowing pupils to model and prototype. The main focus for me was to get pupils problem solving and testing, so they used headphones in lesson to help them with evaluating their successes and weaknesses of their idea. It’s a project that allows all pupil to think creatively, yet at the same time it is manageable. You won’t end up with pupils not finished and you pulling your hair out.


Booklet: all good SOW’s need a good booklet. Here’s the one I was using last year, the most up to date one: Yr7_Booklets_HeadPhones_W’sSets

SOW: Y7_EarphoneTidy

Lesson plans:

Lesson 1: Yr7_H&S_Lesson01_Headphonewrap

Lesson 2: Yr7_Keywords_Lesson02_EarphoneTidy (1)

Lesson 3&4: Research_Lesson03&4_EarphoneTidy

Lesson 5&6: Specification&Modelling_Lesson05&6_EarphoneTidy

Rest: Lesson11_EarphoneTidyLesson12&13_EarphoneTidyLesson07,8,9&10_EarphoneTidy

Enjoy. Sharing is caring.




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