Take a role . . . Classroom Job Roles . . .

I got this idea from another teacher and I adapted it to fit my classroom and the needs of my pupils. I want pupils to take more care about the environment they work in. I want pupils to understand that as a class we all (including the teacher) need to work together to ensure we get the most out of our learning experiences.

Here are the role cards I use in a practical and a non practical. Currently, the pupils love the idea. I think adding in images of Ninja’s helped the student engagement. They all love ‘Knowledge Ninja.’

  1. Knowledge Ninja: Is the person pupil’s go to when they need to know something or are confused. The pupil must only do this once they have asked other friends what they are confused on or need help with. If the Ninja cannot answer then they go to the teacher or LSA for information.
  2. Quiz Master: At the end of the lesson one or more (depending on time) must ask a question to the class. They must ask a question that is related to the lessons learning.
  3. Audit Manager: They are not responsible for cleaning, but making sure that all equipment is handed back to the teacher.
  4. H&S Inspector: They need to make sure people are being safe. If they see someone doing something unsafe they must tell the pupils how to be safe. If they see something really dangerous they must inform the teacher. They are their to remind people of safety rules to make sure no-one gets hurts in the classroom or workshop.
  5. Captain Positive: These people make sure that people are happy. If someone is sad they can buddy them for the lesson or try to make them smile. They encourage people to engage in the learning. They tell the teacher if there’s any bullying going on. They try to spread a positive attitude among their peers.

Click here for the job tags (I attached mine to lanyards): RoleCards[1]


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