Need a SOW for September ….. Here’s a few!

In my NQT I went into a department with no Schemes of Work, which meant I spent allot of time experimenting with what SOW’s would work and putting them in place. The schemes of work below are a few of the ones I tried. I uploaded them as word documents, so you can take the schemes and adapt them to fit your curriculum and pupils needs. These are SOW’s I wrote as an amateur NQT, so if they aren’t perfect feel free to adjust. 

I now write my SOW’s with the objectives linking in with the outcomes. This ensures my objectives are always revisited by pupils and met. I also now colour code my objectives the same way I do my outcomes. I have written new SOW’s for my new role at RPA in Richmond and will upload them another time. I also add STEM links into my schemes now to encourage links with STEM to put Technology at the heart of the curriculum; I now need to get the departments to let me overrun one of their lessons. Fingers crossed.

These are aimed at AQA Graphics, but the schemes of work can be easily adapted to different examining boards and disciplines with imagination and tinkering

Idea: Pop Up’s.

  • Problem: A educational company are trying to promote literacy through poetry. They want you to produce a Pop-Up set for a famous poem that will engage pupils in viewing poetry in a different, more contemporary light.
  • Brief: Come up with a Pop-Up toy that will engage KS3 pupils 11yrs – 14yrs and promote poetry in a contemporary and engaging manner.
  • Learning outcome: To develop pupils understanding of designing and manufacture.  Pupils will develop their ability to generate ideas with some precision, taking into account how products will be used, who will use them, the mechanisms that could be used and their appearance. They will develop their understanding of designing and making and expand their graphics skills.
  • Outcomes: PopUp set for recreational use and 3D characters to accompany the set.
  • Extensions/Able: Packaging for PopUp set.

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