Haven’t I told you lately… You’re my daily inspiration…

There’s a few people who have inspired me this year and I wanted to share them with you, so you too could benefit from this tweeters tweets. 

Inspiration Tweeters

1: @FernwoodDT: Fernwood have been a source of inspiration for me. Ever feel like your ideas are drying up or you are unsure of what to teach? Well @Fernwood will inspire you. Need an idea for a display or an SOW, go to @FernwoodDT and look at their photos and you will come away with a new idea to try. My favorite project they did was a SkillsStick project. I was inspired by the project and I am going to do something similar with my Yr10’s in the new school year. (See images below for @FernwoodDT SkillStick). I intend to do a project based on learning different joints using different materials and adhesives. Once complete, pupils will have to answer a brief to build a piece of furniture to fit in a small living space. They must use appropriately joints to enhance the structures strength or aesthetics.



2: @kerry_truman: Kerry is someone who will inspire you to be creative with what you design using a variety of materials. Do you need sustainable inspiration or inspiration to make you think outside of the box? If so visit this twitter handler and be inspired to be different and bring fun ideas to the classroom. One of my favorite things I discovered from Kerry so far is the existence of the ‘The Shredder’. Every school needs a ‘Shredder’ (The shredder shreds plastic into small pieces for reusing and recycling into new material) and then we can truly deliver sustainable design education to pupils.



3: @topbrum: A man of experimentation. @topbrum likes to experiment and he puts his experimentation’s up on Twitter, which makes me think and wonder could I do that with my pupils. I particularly liked his lolly sticks experiment, where he soaked sticks in water over night for bending. A great idea for when pupils model at KS4.


4: @IDEOorg: Is a non-profit organisation and they focus on user centered design. They are a good source of inspiration to teach pupils how to think like a designer. You have to look at their methods and break them down to teach in a secondary school setting. They produce a free downloadable PDF that takes you through their methods Click Here. I am working on breaking these methods down to workable design tasks for KS4 students.

Resourceful Tweeters

1: @Jambledandt: Most people have likely heard of James Bleach and I picked him as my number 1 resourceful tweeter, as he produces resources that can be easily taken and used within lessons that are good. He shares ideas for creative processes to use in the classroom, which will aid pupils generation of creative ideas Click Here. These ideas will help all pupils who say, ‘I cannot design’ use hand modelling skills instead of drawing to produce ideas. Drawing can be taught later. His ideas allow you to have working strategies to teach creativity.

2: @ASTsupportAAli: Another man with resources and ideas you can try in the classroom Click Here and one of the people involved in Culture Box (known on twitter as #CultureBoxEd). Culture Box is a project that links schools from around the world to each other. The idea to to convey your identity to the country you’re paired up with. A great idea for PSHE. Go on, sign up for September Click Here.

3: @hankgreen & @TheCrashCourse: I love this man. He makes me love learning. He may talk a bit too fast, but he has knowledge and is sharing it all over the place. I use his videos in lesson to link science with technology and to get pupils to have a deeper understanding of the learning being taught. His videos are fun and informative. Prepare pre-thought out questions for pupils to answer related to the video to assess what pupils learnt. I wish I was as intelligent as this man.

4: @creativetallis: Tallis take creative learning very seriously and provide ideas on how to teach creatively. You need to take a good look through their website, as they have so much to share sometimes I have no idea where to start Click Here. The one thing that I took from Tallis was Sticker marking (see image below) and it is working a treat.

Educational Discourse

1: @TeacherToolkit: Need to keep up to date with what is going on in education? Teacher Toolkit is your man. He is the most regular blogger out there on teaching. How he gets the time I have no idea. He gives ideas on how to tackle relevant issues in education and advice. He is the maker of the 5 minute lesson plan, which elevated the stress of lesson planning; queue applause.

2: @kaystables: Kay was someone I encountered at university and I liked her teaching style. She introduced me to the art of analysis for young children and I have taken that and not forgotten it. She is the inspiration for my analysis walls. Kay rarely blogs, but she has written various books, which I would advise reading. If you like iterative design, she’s your lady (see below).

IMAG2203 IMAG0012

That’s my top tweeters so far. Thanks for the #thinkspiration.

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