Touchy Touchy Displays. Make Your School Display Aid Learning.

Displays are a teaching necessity it seems. Everyone loves a display especially SLT. Personally I find them too loud and distracting. According to some research on the matter and my favorite educationalist Alfie Kohn they can actually decrease motivation and be a distraction to pupils especially those with ADHD.

In my NQT year I wanted my walls to have a point, not to just be motivational posters that screamed ‘You can do anything,’ as realistically that’s not entirely a valid statement. I wanted interactive displays. I wanted walls that aided learning not laminated sheets plastered to my wall in a unsightly fashion.

Say hello to my Analysis wall.

IMAG0012The analysis wall is meant to be a learning tool. A way for pupils to become more independent in their learning and to make them question their made world. I believe a part of teaching design is to teach pupils to think like a designer and this means constant questioning of their surroundings to transform it. There are various tools on the wall to enable higher and lower ability to make progress. I use it as part of my differentiation. I use it as a way to get pupils to answer their own questions, as many pupils will ask me what a keyword means, so I will direct them to the wall and ask them to see if they can work it out from reading the questions related to that keyword. The analysis wall uses analysis techniques such as the 5W’s 1H analysis thought stems, 6R’s thought stems, key terminology thought stems and analysis lenses.

Please see previous posts to understand what a ‘Thought Stem’ is. It says what it does on the tin. Thought Stems are a set of questions to extend the pupils thought process.

The wall is good for

  • Questioning
  • Analysis
  • Independent work
  • Differentiation
  • Designing
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem Solving

I hand made the wall using various bits of card. I have now moved schools and I am working on a new more extravagant and exciting display based around my first one, but it will be more streamlined. So far it looks a little like this . . .


I am also working on a Instagram display, which will be used to display pupils work. Pupils will be able to interact with the wall by liking the image and leaving comments. I have tried to make it as similar as I can to the way Instagram works. Pupils will use a blackboard pen to write the number of likes for said image on a acrylic shaped heart. See below for visuals. I still have a allot to do. I will post final displays soon when complete.

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