Sharing is Caring_AQA Graphics Revision Guide Yr11_KS4

The run up to GCSE exams is hectic. I wanted to create a revision guide for my pupils that would be more than reading information and copying it out. I wanted the revision guide to aid my pupils to understand concepts and information and enable them to recall the learning coherently in their own words. I took to the internet and took ideas from other clever teachers and created a revision guide that uses a variety of sources as well as my own ideas.

I got a little carried away and created a 60-page booklet. Feel free to download the booklet and use as you desire. The information I have gathered from places such as; Tes, Pinterest and my own mind. I am not claiming all the work as my own and cannot remember the original sources.

Yr11_RevisionGuide: click here and download

Sharing is Caring.

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