Progress Logs for GCSE kids . . .

“Educators remind us that what counts in a classroom is not what the teacher teaches; it’s what the learner learns.”
Alfie Kohn

In my PGCE I pondered the perils of how our education system in some Schools spoon-feed kids information to pass exams. Slowly, stripping them of skills and that ever vital attribute called independent learning. It seems to me that kids are required to copy and regurgitate information without the time to truly understand the learning. In my PGCE year, I decided to try strategies to make pupils better reflective and independent learners and I created learning logs.

When I started my NQT year and as I have progressed for the first term I re-evaluated my learning logs success and modified them to aid literacy development, as pupils at my new school have poor literacy. I have progress logs for my Yr10’s and my Yr11’s. I changed the name of them to progress logs, a little something maybe Ofsted could enjoy. In my PGCE year I decided to try ways to make pupils better reflective and independent learners. From my time at Goldsmith’s University I learnt reflection is key to learning. They also write reflections, but these are kept separately as part of their extended writing.

Please take a gander. The progress log is adapted for my Graphics course, but this method can be adapted for any GCSE course.

Printed_progessLog_Yr11 (1)

Printed_progressLog_Yr10 (1)

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  1. Hi, I’m not able to open either of your progress logs. Any chance you could re-upload them or send to me directly? Really interested in making a progress log for pupils.


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